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Coffee Cupping

our mission
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The process of Coffee Cupping is very specific

Every day we thoroughly and thoughtfully inspect, taste, grade, and collect data on each batch we roast to ensure that your coffee is always the best.
cupping process

Coffee Cupping Protocol


Taste, Evaluate, and Compare the Flavor, Quality

  • Weigh coffee as whole beans in cups
  • Grind each of the coffees.
  • Evaluate dry fragrance and take notes
  • Pour SCAA Standard water (heated to 200F) in each of the cups as you start a timer. Ensure each cup has the same amount of water.
  • After 4 minutes, break the crust to evaluate wet aroma. Do this by partially inserting your spoon in the crust of coffee that has formed, and push them back while smelling. Repeat for a total of three times for each coffee.
  • Use two spoons to skim off the grounds, foam, and oils.
  • After another 4 minutes, taste the coffee. Fill your spoon, slurp the coffee, and aspirate over your tongue to taste. Take notes.
  • After another 4-5 minutes, repeat step 7
  • And that’s how your cup is like a pro!
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